HydrauTug 200

HydrauTug 200

Ground movement for aircraft
up to light twin jets
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An affordable option for a range of lighter aircraft

Enables single handed movement to extract an aircraft from a crowded hanger.

200 wheel bucket
Fluid drive to all parts

The engine drives a fully immersed hydraulic pump providing power to the wheels and to the lifting bucket ram. Each front wheel is individually driven by a hydraulic motor so there are no clutches, gearboxes or sprockets and chains.

Forward and reverse are controlled by a simple handle bar lever and the hydraulics is so designed that whenever the lever is released the brakes are automatically applied.


Nose wheel secured by strap and lifted

The simplicity of construction gives you strength and reliability.

The bucket is lowered and eased under the aircraft nosewheel which is then retained by a strong nylon strap around the oleo. A safety bar is dropped in behind the wheel.

A touch on the lifting lever and the bucket raises the nosewheel off the ground. The nose weight of the aircraft is then carried by the HydrauTug's main wheels and ensures traction in proportion to the load being moved.

The HydrauTug 200 is powered by an 8 hp Honda petrol engine whilst the 400 model uses 13 hp to lift and draw greater weights. Otherwise the common design reduces building costs and should spares be needed they are easier to supply.

200 and 400 models are similar
"Some 13 plus years ago, we were looking for a tug that would suit our needs for moving BN Islander and Cessna aircraft. We chose a 200 series HydrauTug because of its uncomplicated construction and hopefully reliability as we are rather remote from the rest of the world. The tug has surpassed all of our expectations and is still going strong today.
In 2008 we identified a need for a second unit. The choice for us was a simple process and we purchased a 400 series model which is also giving good service in a cost effective manner. We have spent very little on spares for these units due to their reliability which is remarkable given they can at times be operating in some very extreme weather.
Should we require replacement items in the future, HydrauTug will be our first port of call."
   Falkland Islands Government Air Service


HydrauTugs are capable of being modified to suit customers' specific requirements