HydrauTug 600RO moving aircraft

HydrauTug 600RO

Affordable and versatile hydraulic aircaft tug with regional passenger jet capability
BAe 146 and HydrauTug 600RO collage


Advanced Compact Design ~ Unique Hydraulic System

Advanced hydraulic transmission is derived from the diesel engine driven servo controlled pump. The hydraulics power high torque motors on each main wheel, the variable speed winch, the lifting rams and the power steering

Total Control in Manoeuvring

Safety is of prime concern when operating an aircraft tug. To ensure the operator is always totally in control the 600RO has many features built in as standard. A unique hydraulic braking system is activated the moment the controls are released
Visibility from wing tip is unrestricted and operator comfort provided by the 600RO seat position makes it possible to move aircraft in tight spaces and over long distances

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Since the hydraulic motors, rams and pump are self contained and self lubricating there are no exposed transmission parts to need servicing and...
the 600RO is a 24-hour, 7 day a week machine with no requirement to stop for a battery recharge

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Easy 2 stage lifting

The hydraulic winch gently eases the aircraft nose wheel assembly into the Retainer Unit

The hydraulic locking plate is lifted to firmly clamp the wheel assembly into place

The hydraulic ram now lifts the nose wheel off the ground and the tug takes over - manoeuvring may now begin

Additional lifting height from the rams can make it possible for high tailed aircraft to clear hanger doors which have a restricted height

Optional GPU (Ground Power Unit)

The HydrauTug 600RO can be supplied with an optional Ground Power Unit capable of providing a continuous 28 volt charge. The electrical design of the GPU allows for the delivery of up to 3000 amps on initial start and is capable of providing an aircraft with continuous power without any requirement to recharge. The engine driven alternator is continually charging while the HydrauTug is in use.

"We have two HydrauTugs - the first 400 was so good, there was no question about buying the 600 when we needed a larger tug.
They are both performing after 16 years or so with no major components failing. John Green's original design concept of using hydraulic drive trains was brilliant combined with a heavy chassis (opposite to his cars) giving good torque and traction, especially good when you have a $10m aircraft attached to it!
We have no hesitation in recommending HydrauTugs."
   Peter Prescott
   Avtech Aviation & Engineering Ltd., Biggin Hill Airport


HydrauTugs are capable of being modified to suit customers' specific requirements